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05 February 2015Debbie Arthers and Rob Heeley
Swinging time from Rob Heeley accompanied by ‘Animated’ percussion and Saxaphone sounds, with sparkling vocals by Debbie Arthurs on a wide range of jazz and standard songs.
12 February 2015Spats Langhams Hot Fingers
Spat´s Langhams Hot Fingers Styled on the 1930s "new" form of piano less all string jazz. A new European Jazz sound created by Django Reinhardts driving gypsy jazz style . Great Melodies and exiting Rhythmics recreat this greatly missed style.
26 February 2015Swing Time in Broadway
Swing in the style of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli. A varied and lively set, with numbers ranging from well-known swing classics and slow ballads, to more Latin and gypsy orientated tunes, their music is full of energy, with an infectious swing rhythm.
05 March 2015Debbie Arthers & Roger Heeley
Standing at the Grand Jazz percussion kit, Debbie plays with a dynamic swing which is charming and foot - tappingly rhythmic. With Roger on piano together they succeed bri lliantly bringing this wonderful Jazz music back to life.
19 March 2015Spats Langham Hot Fingers
Thomas Spats Langham is one of the finest exponents of classic jazz guitar/banjo playing around today, touring with The Passadena Roof Orchestra and having a uniquely flexible voice capable of evoking vintage crooners from Bing Crosby to The Ink Spots.
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