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09 July 2015´Spats´ Langham´s Hot Fingers
´Spats´ Langham´s Hot Fingers Styled on the 1930´s "new" form of piano less all string jazz. A new European Jazz sound created by Django Reinhardt´s driving gypsy jazz style . Great Melodies and exiting Rhythmics recreat this greatly missed style.
23 July 2015Swing Time in Broadway
Music in the style of of The Hot Club of France. Pulsating guitar rythms, powerful guitar solo´s and swing Jazz violin. All the ingedients of that 1930´s European Jazz revelution.
13 August 2015´Spats´ Langham Hot Fingers
´Spats´ Langham´s Hot Fingers Irresistible rhythms combined with lightness of touch and originality make the trio a delightful and classy entertainment for young and old alike. Playing songs from their CD ´Hot Fingers".
27 August 2015Swing Time in Broadway
Vintage Jazz and Swing in the style of the small groups of the thirties and forties, paying homage to the later music of The Hot Club of France and the great American songwriters, including Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and George and Ira Gershwin. Syd Greenfield on double bass and Andy Wood on lead guitar will be joined by Danny from "Hot Fingers" to complete their lively classic combo.
10 September 2015´Spats´ Langham Hot Fingers
´Spats´ Langham Hot Fingers Spats Langam Guitar band. Malcolm´s solid double bass and Dannie´s driving rhythm guitar combine with Tom´s exciting lead guitar to combine to recall the style of the 1930’s ‘Hot club de France’, classic jazz tunes plus novelty numbers from the days of Vaude Ville
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